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Painting in 78238
"They did the job in the time they said. It was a job done well for a good price"
-- Daniel H. of San Antonio, TX
Home Solutions
Painting in 78254
"Home Solutions is an excellent company. I manage 9 homes and Home Solutions makes my life a lot easier. Excellent service and prices "
-- Brian K. of San Antonio, TX
Home Solutions
Painting in 78250
"Home Solutions, specfically the owner, is awesome. It was like hiring my favorite Uncle to help me out. His crew did a great job for a very reasonable price. Along with painting, they did some other small repairs and he/they can do anything. I'm leasing my home while I go overseas and keeping my Home Solutions card close at hand in case something comes up...you won't regret choosing Home Solutions...and spending so much time talking with owner."
-- Donald B. of San Antonio, TX

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Stucco Painting Project
Stucco homes require understanding their unique painting needs and correct application of products. More and more San Antonio homes are built with this unique and beautiful approach to home building. That's why at Southern Painting we are experts in the San Antonio area to meet the demands of selecting the highest quality products and application to stucco homes. Choosing the right colors can really make these homes stand out in a community.
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Bringing Back the Class of a Modern Estate
This is one of those homes that can't help but stand out in a neighborhood. After wood repair and restoration this classy estate was given a fresh coat of paint that returned it to it's original splendor. Once again, this gorgeous home redeems its place as one of the most outstanding in the community.
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